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mantels-rochester-ny“A picture is just a picture, but a framed picture is finished art."  The same principal applies to your fireplace.  Handcrafted mantels by JC Huffman, Grand Mantel, Mantel Expressions, Fires of Tradition and Solus along with other leading manufacturers are the perfect frame for any fireplace you choose.  If you're looking to enhance your fireplace by adding a mantel, there are plenty of choices to spark your interest.  Fireplace mantels come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials and designs.  To choose a mantel that best suits your needs and your decor, consider the size of your fireplace as well as available wall space.

Some of the most popular materials for mantel construction are marble, stone and wood.  Stone mantels, well suited to large fireplaces, come in many different colors and types of stone, including limestone, granite, concrete and river rock.

Highly popular, wood mantels range from simple, rustic beams to intricately carved shelving.  Wood mantels come in many varieties of hardwoods such as cherry, oak and cedar.  Unlike stone mantels, wood mantels can be painted or stained.  Marble mantels create an elegant, rich look when placed atop a fireplace.  Best suited to formal decor, a marble mantel, due to the hard nature of the material, is sturdy and long-lasting.

Whatever your choice, our professional staff will work with you to see that your mantel enhances the quality and beauty of your fireplace and home.

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